A Safe Place To Live Your Life
Striving for Life Inc is committed to offering the person who is recovering from mind altering substances a clean and sober living environment. They will receive support, encouragement, and build practical living skills that they will use in day to day life.  Our target population is Gay or Bisexual Men and have a substance abuse issues and the desire to remain clean and sober.  Striving for Life is dedicated to assisting these individuals in learning and regaining the skills that they will need to live there lives fully and productively in the community. Striving for Life uses the social rehabilitation model where you have the support of your peers as you face lifes challenges. Striving for Life's goal is to empower the client developing the living skills that they will need in day to day life. Striving for Life was founded in 2005 and is aimed to assist the recovering addict find long term clean and sober housing as they continue change there life.
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